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Stainless steel suspended scale. Design, technology and easy use.

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The balance M520 belongs to a new series that stands out for its design, technology and easy use.



– M-520: 5,000 PLUs, 70×2 + 9×2 direct PLU keys (40×2 + 9×2 in flat and tower format).



– 10 sellers.



– Receipt printer.



– Stainless steel hook.



– 15 kg – 5 g.



Sales and management reports: sales, margins, situation of the currency drawer, last modified PLUs …



Fast and reliable communications between scales, with PC and also with mobile devices, through the new DWS application (Dibal Web Server). The MISTRAL Series has been designed with both users and technical support services in mind:



– “Drill-Down” menus.



– Printing of the menus on the scale.



– Shortcut keys for the programming menus: to change a price, include a new PLU or vendor, obtain a sales report …



– Direct access to 999 PLUs on the keyboard.



– Search for PLUs by name or code: when writing the initial characters of the name or code, the display shows the matching items (model M-520).



– 2 programmable “Macros” (M-520): recording of a sequence of keys, to create a “direct access” to any task: change of lot number, entry to programming parameters, reopening of ticket, lists …



– Security: configurable passwords. High resolution printers of 2″ (54 mm) and speed: up to 100 mm / second (80 mm / s in M-510).






– Up to 40 lines.



– 2 fixed formats + 1 programmable (M-520) (only 2 fixed in M-510 models).



– 4 logos per receipt (M-520).



– Seller’s name (M-520).



– 9 payment modes.



– Total in €, former national currency and other 2 different currencies.



– Discount per line and total.



– Customers on account (M-520). The MISTRAL Series scales can print, on receipts and labels, EAN-13 and GS1 DataBar barcodes.



In addition, the M-520 models allow the connection of the scanner, powered electrically by the scale itself (5 VDC), for reading said bar codes.



If this option is activated, the scale keeps a copy of each of the printed receipts, prints a list of them and send it to PC; it also keeps the consecutive receipt numbers throughout the fiscal period.



– Entry of initial stocks.



– Sales record, deducted from stock.



– Display and print of stock reports for each PLU.



– Adjustment of stock after inventory.



– Sending the information to PC. The communication between scales and from these with the computer is done through ETHERNET TCP / IP or, optionally, through Wi-Fi (802.11) or HOMEPLUG.



In Wi-Fi communications, the use of an Access Point is not necessary, since the internal Wi-Fi module of the scales can be configured.



Interconnection of up to 10 scales per section (5 in model M-510). Applications under Windows, to connect the MISTRAL series balances to the computer:



– RMS + DLD: scale programming, label / receipt design (DLD), as well as commercial management and the data received from the scales (lists, billing, stores, customers, offers, etc).



– DFS + DLD: programming of scales, design of labels /receipts (DLD), sending / receiving data and fully customizable listings. Easy-to-use, high communication speed and simultaneous data transmission to all scales.

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